Social Media

Social media guru- I know which networks (and apps) work best for a given business.

There are dozens of social networks out there. Depending on a business’s target audience, some are well worth the hassle, while others bare little to no return. I have intimate experience with many of the networks, and know how to extract the most out of each.


Facebook offers Fan Pages and Groups- I believe both are of high value, no matter the business. When it comes to defining business presence in this network, there many things beyond the profile picture and business info panel. It is possible to sync a blog or website directly to a Fan Page and Group, so that content is synchronized simultaneously on all three, just by updating one source. Further, there is a plethora of custom apps which can enhance a Fan Page. Please see the sample below for a good example of how to maximize the potential of a Fan Page with a  custom landing tab.


Twitter is the second essential for any business. Customization to the actual profile page is limited to the color palette and background. This means one must be creative with how they stretch out this limited customization (see sample). Thankfully, there are tons of tools and apps which interface with Twitter’s, allowing things such as linking blogs and Facebook accounts together for synced updates.


LinkedIn Comapany Profiles are key in terms of establishing a professional network presence. VB does extensive personal and company profile cusotmization and integration, connecting LinkedIn to RSS feeds, as well as Twitter and Facebook profiles and Pages! See my personal profile (you have to log-in in order to see my FULL personal profile with RSS and Twitter feeds), and my company profile (with my RSS feed and Twitter feeds integrated). Additionally, see the VB Facebook Page with an integrated LinkedIn company profile!


MySpace has recently re-branded itself, striving to get back some of it’s former user-base, which it lost primarily to Facebook and Twitter. The new (less spammy) look and feel has helped greatly. MySpace is a must especially for music artists. MySpace offers flexible customization, whereby the entire site can be re-themed to suit a brand’s specific image. I can design a completely custom MySpace page with brand layout, color palette, and multimedia.


Vimeo is a video-based social network, where independent artists share unique and high-quality content. While YouTube has a larger user-base, Vimeo is preferable for artists dealing with motion graphics and video due to the highly critical and artistic community comprising the Vimeo network.


YouTube is also a video-based network, with an immense user-base. However, content and quality vary greatly. YouTube is a great platform for any business with motion content (ads, demo reels, music, etc.). YouTube offers the ability to define a custom color palette and background image.


Elegant, and clean, with a powerful API, and a multitude of apps, Flickr is a must for photographers and anyone looking to share image collections.  I can help integrate Flickr with other social networks and website properties.

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